Saturday, December 3, 2016

Where are the answers and pro action plans again?

One thing about my depression its the reactivism of the media and social media of the President-Elect. If the Election season killed friendships the swearaing in is going to herald a new era of McCarthyism that even McCarthy wouldn't approve of.

In are recent article  about the election the first paragraph ends with this statement :
It is impossible to react to this moment with anything less than revulsion and profound anxiety.
What The F&K ?

I can not work like that it is not helpful or productive. It does not give me hope or spurn me into action.

Instead I am profoundly disappointed at the commentary insisting on the doom of liberty. George Washington may be rolling in his grave because as the first president one thing was absolutely clear ...

He did not want to be the first President.

This is a fact. George Washington knew there were problems with the United States as small as they were and he didn't want to lead it or be the king of it or responsible for it.

I do not believe the President Elect does not share the basic ideals of the Presidency.

I do believe in making a difference ...a defiant act together can out do anything the so call Executive Cabinet can do.

Vexing the Elected officials by not showing up for campaign stomping grounds but City Council meetings, volunteer with an organization for health care, and plant a tree preferably in the way of an oil pipeline.

In making a difference you have to make a choice that isn't popular and one is to stop reacting and do instead.

Support a Kickstarter campaign to combat global warming, join an Indiegogo campaign for health care, make your own Go Fund Me page for your political aspirations to put vests on dogs.

I really don't care ...just don't react....act.
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