Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Your Community

In effort to make a difference one needs to show a difference made.

I wrote about Your Community in my LinkedIn Profile and will post it below with this small update to help provide perspective Here is the GoFundMe 

The retail stores started the sales earlier this month but, this Saturday is Local Business Day where you can really make a difference in your community.

Pick up an ornament from your local artists for the holidays or start booking your 2017 travel with a local travel agent. Take advantage of your community as the store proprietors are in your community every day supporting you and sponsoring great community projects.
As you can guess, I am fortunate to know artists like Sonya Paz and have a great local donut shop nearby but, I encourage you to find that special something right next door in your own community.
So take part in the Local Business movement because trust me there is nothing small about it.

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