Sunday, January 8, 2017

Book Review : The Lemon Orchard

One of my goals this year is to read a book at least once a month. The process should not take too long or be too cumbersome since I commute there will be ample opportunity to read a book.

This is an small effort (passive) to turn off the electronic addiction that so many people are now practicing these days.

I read The Lemon Orchard by Luann Rice 

Some of my initial thoughts about the book was how selfish people can be. When we think of loss the characters think of themselves first not the talent or as in the case of the mother the blaring fact she ignored blatantly ignored mental illness coursing thru her and her daughter. The final act was saccharine and abrupt like the author didn't have the answer because the drama of love and the valley fire was not enough?

The troupe used in the elderly movie star longing for someone was just fluff without again the real discussion of mental needs of something that we can not have but want.

I read a few reviews that criticized the author banal attempts to address or highlight the immigration issues. Again a troupe used at the abrupt ending is another reason I think Luann Rice was writing two stories one a selfish solace of romance and a second one about the horror and drama filled immigration issues that are part of everyday life regardless of where you live.

Overall, the book met the purpose of the project I set forth by reading a book proving I can read a book and that I read at least one book so far this year ( that and it was a quick read ).

Considering lately I have been reading about dry hacking coughs online ...and getting targeted advertising for ...wait for it...lung cancer treatments I would probably recommend this book for a flight to Spain.
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