Sunday, January 1, 2017


I admit I like food but, when I came down with the creepin' crud I really could not eat a lot of food.

In fact as I went thru my photos last year ...I had a lot of wonder I didn't lose too much weight to coughing fits.
This was from Little Lou's BBQ in Campbell The sandwich is awesomely good really it is so is the place

This one is from The Burger Pit on Blossom Hill I really do judge a burger on size and the fries...lots of fries gets a big smile from me (even though I can't eat them all )

This was a small one from The Shark Tank I loved the large steak fries with this thinking that it would cure whatever cough I had.

This one is from The Boss in Albany, CA I will readily admit I was not impressed with the fries which tasted sorta cooked ...maybe double fry those next time.

Yes, even McDonalds. 

I did admit that I like food but, I do have a serious palate just cheeseburgers seem easier to do you know I have a thing for French Fries cures

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