Monday, January 23, 2017

Did you March? Great Now Pick up fhe Phone and pen and paper

I am very happy that you marched on Saturday January 21 2017 in protest or support or you were just trying to get to work and had to march to get there.

The message was clear united we stand!

But for what? For Whom? and Which Freedom.

On Sunday the phrase probably never uttered by any professional scientist or doctor unless the words were scripted for a fictional television show "Alternative Facts"

While you wrap your brain around that here is something else you can do...

First off, Pay your taxes, Go to Work and thrive in your own space time continuum because if anything is more vexing to those preaching Alternative Facts is you living in your own world and thriving.

Next, let's say there is a lighting fixture out on your street or you noticed a pot hole ...Report it. This process helps keep everyone safe including you and prevents you from having to get new tires due to said pot hole. Plus, you will learn something a) that you have to report stuff b) stuff can get done.

Secondly, think about your rights that you enjoy. Would you want your voice to be squashed by a dictator? What about what you said about the Dallas Cowboys going to the Super Bowl? Start documenting it whether you write a letter to yourself to open up in three months or one to the Editor saying the Referees are cheating. Doesn't matter, write it down.

Now spread your knowledge, let's say you noticed that the pot hole was fixed but it took 2 weeks to do because you had to take a picture of it. Share your experience with others, a neighbor or a local council member or reporter for a paper. Hey it was done and its important.

Finally, take all that and blow it up 100x or A Million times because the very statement of "Alternative Facts" being used in any professional settings is unnerving and wrong. It is like saying that Hitler's Gas Chambers didn't exist because there are Alternative Facts that Hitler was trying to build a steam bathhouse instead. It just simply is not true.

Without regulation there is going to be hazardous situation from why there is certain amount and pressure in water hoses to why regulation of the air we breath is so important because look at other places China
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