Friday, January 13, 2017

I Gave Myself A Raise Late Last Year - Sorta

The last three months of 2016 were the worst made worse by an continuous cough/cold/ creeping crud thing that I did not get rid of ...still.

I did one thing for myself for Christmas weekend.

I went to the doctor. 😱

It was Friday afternoon and my choice was to go to the local clinic or Kaiser. It was 3:30pm when I got a telephone appointment for the first time in ever. By 5pm my wits left the stratosphere waiting for the call and I broke down like 911 style. Completely aimlessly being upset for no reason and no more fault than my own but, I did recover when 25 minutes later I did get my call.

I would be two hours later before I actually get the medication.

and $110.

That was four hours and $110.

I effectively paid myself $27 an hour to deal with the cough...that didn't go away.

I tried the meds and got an immediate headache / migraine ...nope not taking those this weekend was pretty much my answer to that.

Fortunately, I had Monday off and could spend some more time trying to figure out the cough.
One Urgent Care Visit, Chest X-Ray and some more meds I spent three more hours and raised myself to $32 an hour.

Yup I spent 7 hours and $230 trying to avoid going to the the Dr.

Trust me, I have to go back the thing is I do not want to.

First off, regardless of going to the Dr. or making an appt. it $30 out of my pocket Secondly, I abhor leaving work early or coming in late just to see the Dr. during their work hours Finally, I still have ailments running back and forth to the Doctor isn't considered exercise plus until I have a fever will I get anything remotely that would fight any sorted infection.

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