Monday, January 30, 2017

MakeUp Basics.

I admit I discontinued my Ipsy subscription and I will probably resign up later this year. Right now let me address something else that is bothering me

There is something you should NOT do when you start your own makeup bag:

Do NOT BUY $150 worth of makeup that will not make you better than who you are right now 

Sincerely, That video made me realize everything that is wrong with the whole makeup makes you better movement. Subscription boxes et al. don't help one's self esteem with constant emails about how to get more pretty with more stuff. 
Trust me I know what stuff there is out there. 

So let's get to the basics. 

One reason you need a primer is that the face is full of pores and fine lines even at a young age. The rule of making sunscreen your only makeup is a better one. 

But let's face it ...everyone over the age of 12 is wearing some kind of makeup. So back to the basics. 

Primer is basically a shield for you and your skin that fills in pores and makes a canvas for the makeup. Primers should not cost more than $6 but some cost as much as $30 so I totally recommend buying online your makeup and you can send some back ( read their return policy but amazon is usually awesome). 

Here is E.L.F for less than $4 but in the video above by Jessica Braun she has you doing concealers, setting powders, and eye  / lip primers which if you have got that much money ...go for it but when I was 18 I had barely $50 to spend on a makeup kit more or less a bunch of primers. 

Oh I forgot the bag...check out what you have already. A lot of bags can also be found at Ross / Walmart for less than $10 and now you see why I am so upset by the video above. If you live on the West Coast the products she mentions are easily $20 each. 
Okay so you are at $16 now and only have $34 left to spend...let's get mascara shall we because a little mascara can double as eye brow liner too just a dot then smooth out your brows.

I have actually found great mascara at The Dollar Tree for exactly one dollar and trust me that is a deal. One word of warning here...if you have thick lashes like me and suddenly find after a couple of days of using mascara your lashes thinning or falling you might want to invest in getting a lash primer only because I had suddenly lost all my lashes between daily usage and cleaning I basically burnt out my lashes and these little hairs. There is conditioning primers  but at $20 or more its way expensive save some money first. 

Next your foundation. I have complexion skin that is seriously aging. I really recommend getting a foundation with sunscreen. After I started to use makeup daily it was after cleansing I started to notice a brown spot on my face. It wasn't a pimple but a sun spot. Now you only have $33 dollars left so spending $10 seems like a lot but remember you still need lipstick, blush and eyeshadow so I totally remind you to shop online after you try in the store. I like multi purpose ones but that is because of my combination skin so try an oldie but a goodie in CoverGirl for less than $10

Now you have $23 and you need lipstick blush and eyeshadow. Here is a well known unknown trick. Make your lipstick your blush too. Just a dab will do for blush and then blend unless you are using purple lipstick. For this I use Sephora Brand lipsticks some are on sale for just $5 and are amazingly good at staying in place. What about lipliner...simple just use the lipstick and take the tip to do the same. In the video above you have to use a primer, lip conditioner, liner and gloss? 

Okay you now have $18 and yes I am cheating using only whole numbers so I will take $3 off for tax. Now you have $15. 
Eyeshadow for $15 is pretty damn expensive but isn't it worth it? 
In every quad I used I ended up only using two maybe three shades. One quad I actually used was one I bought online again.. so here is the Avon Emerald Quad that I fell in love with but was WAY too dark for me. So try just one shade to start simply because you will never know if a little red will make your eyes pop and Sephora has these amazing singles from Anastasia Beverly Hills

So yeah $50 right there. Trust me you can spend a lot ALOT more but you can also save money by getting a makeup bag subscription like I did with Ipsy at $10 a month they met my need and I got seriously a lot of mascara ! 

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