Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Praying Donald Will Say This Instead....

This Friday is the swearing in ceremony for Donald J. Trump. 

He will have the platform to speak to the American People and the World.

Given his recent inflammatory comments about the media and world events I pray he states something along the following lines:

The United States is based on We The People Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident a powerful statement in the face of tyranny from an oppressive government that did not allow for Freedom of Speech. 

Freedom of Speech is a right of all of us and some 200 plus years later technology allows us all to speak our thoughts, fears, hopes and beliefs to be immediately received. I will continue to uphold that right with the other Constitution Amendments especially those that protect our Country from Tyranny and Threats from our enemies. 

Yet, it is in conflict that America becomes better and advance our Democracy. It is conflict that promotes us to become safer by ensuring our borders are safe for passage to and fro. It is American Democracy that has allowed a country oppressed by a dictator to allow the freedom of voting the very basis of Freedom. 

One voice One vote. 

I know there are millions of Americans whom are afraid and scared right now because they do not know what is going to happen next.
I am one of them. I can not tell you what the future will hold. 

America is better when we work together and stronger when we come together so, put aside your ideological political ideals and come together to support the basics of our Democracy. 

What does that mean? Protect everyone rights to Freedom of Speech whether you agree with them or not.
Let everyone be safe and protected from tyranny and threats from our enemies. 

I know many people have doubts about the genuine passion I have for this country and while you may not like me I do believe in our ability to work together over the next four years improving our Country, restoring our faith in our Democracy and advancing Humanity greatest asset Freedom.
I can't say I don't have more speech for him but the man is use to 140 characters in Twitter that has caused a company to lose 1 Billion Dollars in the Stock Market, an humble man's life be threaten, and promote the loss of Freedom of Speech by censoring the very organizations that practice the spread of said freedom.

I have hope but also a lot of bags of salt
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