Saturday, January 28, 2017

Something Happened ...

....12 years ago...last week.

I got hit by a car and for about 10 years the day did not pass without some kind of acknowledgement.

I could be dead

I could be paralyzed

I could have had a lot worse and a lot less happen.

Yet, last Saturday we marched the lot of us and I was grateful to be able to walk.

It is weird to look back on it (the experience) and say yeah that happened.

Yet, when the weather changes or I fall down I know my first thought is my left knee.

I am incredibly grateful for my doctors and my family. People whom were there for me.

I see, hear dozens upon dozens of stories every week riding the train of men and women whom have had their lives altered ( accident, illness, societal woes) and not think for one minute how blessed their are to just be able to tell their story.

I have said my Thanks Yous and while I say Good Bye to this blog it is here I documented some of the best reasons I am grateful to be alive.

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