Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Today there is 150 Events to go to me I know this

What are you doing? About two weeks ago I spent some time out being social and by social I went to three places to three different events and I was exhausted. From wearing the perfect outfit to the weather I had to shimy and hustle my way around town.

Tonite is no different if there was one there was six events for me to go to. It is one of the rare instances I think I need a car. The truth is sometimes I do need a car but I still take a bus instead.

Aside from Wine Walks and Bus Talks there is Social, Economical and Futuristic events to be at today.

So how do you not get a bad case of FOMO ? Well...

Face I have FOMO x 100 I want to go find out about VLAB and I would love to be at a Concierge event and don't get me started but I really am excited about Cinequest. Yet, I can not be everywhere or anywhere at the same time.

I have developed a simple system of checking in without checking out. Granted, Since I do take public transit I rarely stay anywhere past 7pm or 7:30 but most events from 6pm to 8pm usually are winding down at 7:30 so leaving before the bell is rung is just polite.

First off, I check the calendar. What do I have to do and When do I have to do it? The first of the month is torture because I have to pay rent so no fun can be had, right? WRONG. Check out a ton of free events from the Open Houses at Chambers to Mixers for Millennials there is a good set of free events to enjoy.

Second, if I have to pay for an event is it worth it ? Does it meet my criteria a) I will meet someone I don't know? b) Will it be a topic I adore (aka Wine) and c) Will I have to transverse long distances? I usually try to meet up the 30 mile radius rule which includes bus routes and distance to catching buses. Its sometimes very tricky and difficult. So far I have not had to walk 5 miles home ...but I have come close.

Thirdly, Do I really want to go? This is subject to what is happening in my life. When I was coughing up a storm and my pelvic floor dropped twenty degrees going out was the last thing on my mind. When I finally stopped coughing and could hold my bladder better I was happy to traipse around town. Next, I freak out over taxes saying that I am hesitant to have a relationship with the IRS that is strictly platonic is an understatement. I had the letters and this includes my workplace - IRS Letters are the worst so while I concentrate on the IRS not much else can happen in my life ...seriously.

Finally, if you find you can't depend on anyone its a good idea to get social ..physically and go outside and meet up with people. Taking the train has opened up a whole new world to me of people who take the train and drink on it. Seriously, those commuters revel in the opportunity to drink anything and everything on the train. Its pretty amazing considering how many people ride the train. Yet Commuting does not make one a social butterfly so you must rethink your outlets and get outside to some of those events.
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