Saturday, January 7, 2017

Weight Loss 5% to 15% to 25%

In March of 2014 I joined Retro Fitness. I did it for a couple of reasons but, I didn't think I would become so enamored with the idea of working out daily and overall exercise.

A year later I was really surprised that I was having success like 10lbs staying off. I plateaued a lot. Usually fluctuating between 10 and 15lbs.

Then I noticed my shoe size.

I lost a whole shoe size! Isn't that awesome.

Then I lost a total of 25lbs that was great and fabulous and a nice reward to myself.

But I plateaued again. I started to look around for my cheering team and where I was in my life.

I decided that even though my weight loss was not as significant as a coworker's I was never going to measure up at work. I did not have a medical procedure to lose weight I did it on my own but, that got me nowhere at work.

Then I started to notice other things at the gym and in my closet.
After two years from starting I was going to quit the gym that got me started. I had found a great online exercise program from Fitness Blender and I had thought I had a way to keep the weight off on my own.

Not the case within two months I signed up for another gym and was back up in weight too returning about a 15lbs to my side.

The struggle is real. I totally expected nearly 30 months later from my start I would be back at my starting weight.

Instead I was back at 5% loss.

Great right? Not when you want to lose 25% of your body weight.
Do the math.

While Planet Fitness has caused some of my fears to take up root I still like to go and while I am not sure what I will do at renewal I have to try to believe I can do this.

I am also going to be 45 Oprah Winfrey is 62 years old. She has a program and system and lost 40lbs. Guess what Women who are starting or going thru menopause do not have to gain weight. Yet, Women whom are over the age of 55 are able to lose weight significantly easier than those 10 yrs younger.

I guess what I am trying to relate is that I have achieved one goal I lost 5% of my weight and kept it off. Now I want to lose another 20% ..It is going to take time and that may include a week where I only lose 1lb.
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