Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Lena Meant to say? ...Maybe

Lena Dunham has stepped up to the plate to promote and be a celebrity endorsement for Planned Parenthood. She has a vocal group of supporters and money is pretty much why she is the spokesperson at times. 
Next Tuesday January 17th she is going to be in supporting Pink Out Day. Which is great except for one thing...

She probably will have to speak.

If you have not had the chance to actually read her whole entire speech then you are missing something. While she apologized for the distasteful comment she has put her foot in her mouth many times.

So, here is what I think she meant to say ...just a little tidbit from me to you to her.

It is not a privilege to have access to health care, specifically for a woman. It is one of the indelible truths we hold true. The right for health care is not just to have access for abortion but that is what the opponents will focus on and continue to yell about. The right for health care is about knowledge and the choices that as women we have to deal with. Planned Parenthood has lost many battles in key areas of health care access and under constant threat of federal prosecution by unscrupulous people. Yet, if you look at the basic demographic Planned Parenthood is not just for women. Men and young men go to planned parenthood just as much as women. From HIV testing to contraception both men and women walk thru the doors of Planned Parenthood because it is suppose to be a safe place for all of us.
I have walked thru the doors of Planned Parenthood too, because in my parents household I couldn't talk about Herpes or ingrown pubic hairs causing pain. I would never tell my mother about the Urinary Tract Infection I got when I was younger but, after I got access health care I could because I became knowledgeable.
Today, Planned Parenthood isn't the place you go to for an abortion, its the place you go to get health care and it is safe place to go. We must fight for the right for everyone to feel safe and secure when they walk thru the doors of Planned Parenthood. We have to pick up the phone, walk the steps to the Legislators office and pen the letters promoting the very indelible right to care that men and women need. 

While I doubt Lena will ever say those words and probably those words have been said many times before it doesn't strike the cord that her inappropriate comment made and while I would not consider her ignorant of the statement someone wrote those words that she said and maybe in an ill-advised attempt to strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, it made her look like she had Foot in Mouth Disease something you go to a vet for ... or is that cows?
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