Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wine, Whine, Swine, and Stuff

Not feeling that great are we? I completely understand and totally recommend you checking in some great events where you will either enjoy or totally abhor ...the choice is yours

I have found that pigs are great I have indulged in a lot of pork lately to the point that I oink. ( see I made it rhyme even ) So head down to Salinas in February because Pigs Pinot and more is happening. At $95 a ticket totally worth the effort.

Okay that event is in February this event is coming up this week in Oakland with the Oakland A's ! Fanfest this Free event is pretty awesome and I highly recommend heading over the Bay Bridge for what might be the last time we see the Oakland A's and Oakland Raiders in the same zipcode

Event Image Finally head down to Atascadero February 11th for Stand Up for Pups Valentines Comedy Show its a great event and only $40 at the door.
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