Saturday, February 18, 2017

27 Days to Go ....

This blog will be static after March 17, 2017 ...yeah !!!

Honestly, the body of work that is this blog is pretty amazing.

I did repeat more often than I thought in the end about 45% of my blog turned up as repeats where only a paltry 27% of posts were about wine - go figure.

Aside repeat posts and wine finding a job was my 2nd topic whereas my original purpose for this blog in 2007 was politics that only eek'd out a meager 10% of posts.

I have downloaded the blog posts and will work on the archive while it is static then eventually the blog will be turned private posts and hopefully the page will go dark though I think I have to purchase the domain or something.

How did I get all those analytics?

check out these resources ....

Google Analytics are right in the account

Nice Article

Alexa its Amazon but it works still

If you have a wordpress site

There are more but this is a good start
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