Saturday, February 25, 2017


It is hard to describe but when you are writing out invitations for events or occasions you try to use your 'best self' the person you think you but in reality just a little bit less than.
Binge Watching a television series is a great invitation to Depression ....clinical depression  but what is worse is when you recognize you are depressed and you keep watching television even when there are chores and things to do and people to see and places to go.

I did not plan to get depressed but I analysed my life complete without a medical license and I am depressing. very much so.

What is weird is that I wasn't depressed before the weight loss is bizarre to go back to the time during my weight loss and think was I sad?

Not really so getting back into the gym was great and it was time consuming and I still have to deal with unpleasant stuff ...kinda sucks

now I am going to do taxes.

That is one invitation that I know I can handle
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