Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Gym and I broke up ...

This past week I finally felt it ...

all the fat that I lost came roaring back into my feet and belly, legs, arms.

I am really really sick of it too.

I know I can go to the gym and I should go to the gym.

Its just the gym.

Last Saturday I walked 2.5 miles along West Cliff drive it was great instead of walking on a treadmill in a gym with angry images throwing themselves at you.

I do go in sometimes but usually for a massage.

I am just not putting gym clothes in my backpack anymore though I have enough.

I am tired of shoes falling apart after paying $20 for rubber memory foam that can't withstand my meager 2.5 miles I walk every day.

I am trying the Fitness Blender exercises but its hard to do in a room sincerely its just not something I want to do in my bedroom no matter how easy the exercises are.

I know I will probably sign up for the gym again but right now we are broken up.
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