Monday, March 13, 2017

Did Makeup Ruin My Skin?

I readily admit it wasn't until about 6 years ago I made an effort to wear makeup.

Then I noticed the lines that appeared everywhere on my face.

I hated it wearing makeup that made me look bad.

Worse, the makeup would just fall off in like 40 minutes.

So 2 years ago when I started subscribing to makeup boxes I thought it would be better.

Not exactly, I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of makeup needed and worse how it made me feel.
From primers to blush brushes I had no clue what to do or what I was doing.

I also noticed I was losing my eyelashes and mascara would just wipe off.

Next, the sun came back to Oz and you know that means for me.

Sunscreen sunscreen and more Sunscreen.

From Zinc Oxide to Clear Zinc Oxide.

My skin has taken a beating from bug / insect bites to scratches and bruises. I have to protect my skin so when I wear makeup and it gets irritated I swear there is a literal conspiracy or one of my ancestors was a leper.

What is worse my face is breaking out more and my pores seem to be getting larger and larger.

While I try to get back into the exercise at the gym I am finding all sorts of stuff on my skin that well...just doesn't just happen.

Aside from the normal monthly breakout courtesy of my ovulation I am finding my lips full of these deep seated lines.
My eyes get super irritated with eye shadows

And blush now is too dark for my skin and I am pale ....also did I mention my nose is becoming a haven for white heads? Out of nowhere I got a million of white heads.

I try to calm everything down using Aloe and Charcoal to cleanse but still something will inevitably pop up the the most deepest longest seeded chin hair I ever had was like 3 inches long I thought I was going to lose a tooth there was a "Pop" after I pulled it
I expected there to be blood gushing out instead it felt like a bucket of oil came oozing out.
After I confirmed that I wasn't losing vital fluids I put antibiotic on it and called it a day.
Till I got home and the area was swollen so I cleaned it and put more wound care on it.
A week later the biggest zit I have ever scene arrived to the point where I could feel it.
I thought ice it put medication on it and do not pop it.
I figured I must have pulled an ingrown hair that had serious carbon dating on it. The next morning I looked again and I have an old scar on my chin and there is dried scar tissue. I finally went about cleaning my face and whamo I popped the zit brushing a cloth over my face.
It hurt like actual pain.
I put ice on and medication and googled what was going on because calling the doctor for a latent scar zit is ridiculous even with an ingrown hair.
Basically hair follicles and pores get clogged when we use primers and makeup setting the stage for the plumber version of a clogged pipe.

But when I don't wear makeup my pores show up like the craters and divots causing me to hide.

The endless cycle repeats itself
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