Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's Day and Goodbye.

Dear Readers, 

I made it however hard and difficult the past ten years has been its over for my personal blog. 
I am turning this page static and promptly direct you to and

I came to this decision after some time deciding how much was enough and how much was worthwhile. 

One I do value my privacy and that was a motivating factor in the past couple of years. 
Two I am not going to run for public office and that was the reason I started this blog. 

I might post up a video saying goodbye but right now these words are about it. 

In the upcoming months I am going to turn some posts private or back to draft then eventually in a year maybe two I will completely delete this blog. 

I appreciate the Google Bots and random overseas readers as much as local and distant US readers. 

Its time to say goodbye to this blog...

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