Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hey I am still here ...just not there yet

My life is a little more unpleasant well upsetting actually.
VTA is ceasing the transit service where I live and Zipcar has financially discriminated against me.
So I am trying to deal with it.
These action by outside forces are causing me anxiety and stress next to some mysterious emails I have received from EDD
Couple that with a workload and those happy go lucky blog posts are just fraudulent representation of me.

So the blog is ending on Friday March 17, 2017 to a static page

I am trying to move as much as I can to a DayOffNow but the reality is I am afraid to travel because of the current adminstration hyper over exaggeration attack on the citizens of this country.

For Lent I gave up donuts but I am also tweeting up a storm about nonprofits and events et al.

I will get there...just not today
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