Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hey Next To Last One ..

When I was adolescent my birthday signaled the start of spring break. I still remember the torture my parents endured making or purchasing 100's of cupcakes for my classmates to celebrate my birthday which was also the start of Spring Break for the school.

I think it was High School when 1) Spring Break started in April 2) I stopped bringing cupcakes 3) I had to go to school on my birthday.

Trust me going to school on my birthday and not having a party was the biggest let down of my teenage years totally depressing when the entire school doesn't stop and celebrate your birthday.

Its also when I learned about people having food allergies to sugar and someone else was born on March 17th ( YES! I went thru most of my adolescence thinking I was the ONLY baby born on March 17th )
Trust me in my later adult years did I learn June Weddings meant March Babies.
It is hard to learn that the Sun doesn't get up for you everyday instead its you that has to put up the Sun everyday.
(that may be egotistical but think about it ...who does get that flaming ball up in the sky? 😎 )

Basically, last year I had to work on my birthday and it was not a bad experience but it reminded me that I am not a fan of working on one's birthday. In a tradition I hope to stop next year as I am working again this Friday ( though I might pull a "Its My Birthday I need to leave early excuse" ).

So here is the links to past ten years of blogging some topics that you might want to read ....

One thing I am serious about is smiling at Dogs so the dogs posts here

Right after you smile at a Dog sure to give all your money me life can be easier

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Finally something that I wrote about in 2008 still holds true today is about getting a Job

Yes there is the Champagne and Popcorn Posts  and Peanut and Paris Posts which just make me cry

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While Zipcar has indiscriminately decided to change its payment portal I still have a good chunk of this blog with Zipcar posts here those are
I don't have a lot more to say ...

I will eventually start to turn the blog posts private download and delete the blog for good maybe in a year or two but be sure to check out all the posts ...even the Zombie ones

Last one is tomorrow...

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