Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Gen X Social Media problem

I did not start the trend and I did not plan on it so much so but, I noticed it this past four weeks.

Generation X is declining on Social Media.

Yet it was Generation X that made Social Media so why the withdrawl?

Is this just a natural course of society?

It is Generation X that worked in Microsoft that picked up the Stanford PARC research and worked with the Government Baby Boomers that established the Internet.

Yet, Generation X's is deleting email accounts and rewriting some of the Social Media business plans.

Millennials are not going to understand this when it happens to them that while they purchase things on line and share it the audience will all be fake profiles propagated by the Artificial Intelligence Bot Elon Musk let loose.

What is the social media problem and why is it indicative of the real world consequence?

Is Social Media the issue because of the anxiety is the number one reason that Gen X is leaving in DROVES.

While most will say that vitriol is just too negative on social media is it the passive nature of humanity that avoids the perceived conflict.

Geez, I can not even --- that whole statement and question is just very heady and requires me to step away from the keyboard.

Don't get me wrong the proliferation of Millennials impact using Social Media but let's look at the population

The Current US population of Millennials is 83.1 Million whereas the Generation X is a mere 65 Million.

Generation X has grew up with Planned Parenthood and AIDS and the Cold War to the Internet and Electric Cars. Generation X went to school with books and football games on Friday nights.
Generation X women were either the Mom Company President and the Divorced Dad who bought companies.

Maybe its a case of self preservation is why Generation X is deleting Twitter accounts. The massive conflict online bled into their workplace, home, and town halls.

When Millennials look in the mirror in say 4 years will they be able to look in the mirror? Generation X is trying to hold it up all the broken pieces from the Baby Boomers.

I admit my departure from Social Media has been because of self preservation brought on the real world issues that penetrated Social Media in a way that akin to water torture.

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